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Unique Treasures

for Everyone

Hand-crafted macrame necklace
Unique hand-crafted macrame necklace
Hand-crafted macrame necklace
Unique hand-crafted macrame anklet


Macrame Jewelry

Each item is a one-of-a-kind treasure made by hand for you and your loved ones

 * No two pieces are ever the same *

 * 100% genuine stones from all over the world *  

 * Highest quality sterling silver and brass *

 * Wrapped by hand using artisanal techniques *

What's in Store

New designs added all the time. There is something for every taste and budget. So that everyone could find that unique piece that may become your treasure.

Always pick right with a

Hello! My name is Masha and I am a macrame artist from Russia. I have traveled the World collecting highest quality gems and crystals and learning from the best artisans.


Each of my jewelry creations is unique and ranges in style from minimalistic bracelets and anklets to exquisitely intricate necklaces, some of which take up to 12 hours to create. I make every piece unique, so that everyone could find a treasure to bring joy to you and your loved ones.

Created by One Artisan

Couldn't find what you were looking for? I love making custom work and would love to collaborate with you on an idea. I also want to make sure that anyone can wear my designs, so if you need a different size for a ring or necklace, please get in touch with me.

Custom Orders

Meet Me in Person

I live in Maine on the East Coast of the United States. You can often find me at local craft shows and markets displaying my latest creations.

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